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Scotland – Chapter Three

One day’s walk carried me through examples of every lifestyle from rural, through suburban, into inner city and downtown. What was distinct and united by government and culture is now more entwined. Or at least, the urban world reaches into … Continue reading

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Scotland – Chapter Two

Scotland is as varied as any country. Stereotypes make no sense. Yes, there are kilt makers and castles and golf courses, but even in one day’s walk I encountered rural, suburban, and the heart of Glasgow. Sheep, high-tech wind mills, … Continue reading

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Scotland – Chapter One

For those of you who haven’t read my recent posts, and wondered where I’d gone, the answer is Scotland. Scotland a place that is a mix of innovative and historic. A place where the buses and trains run on time, … Continue reading

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Lots of Questions

Should I buy into this? Is that story too good to be true? If this part is bad, is the rest bad too? Pin those questions on any topic from finance to philosophy and entire books, doctoral theses, and political … Continue reading

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Vacation Experiment

There comes a time for experiments. Welcome to one of mine. I like it when there are several good reasons behind making a change. This blog is about to go through a transition. If all goes well, you won’t notice … Continue reading

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Dream. Invest. Live.

Welcome to the new location for the blog for the book, Dream. Invest. Live. Want to check on the older posts?

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