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Getting Over It

Cough, sneeze, hack, sniffle, it’s messy and noisy, and that’s how I know that I am getting better. My cold has gone from the “sleep the day away” phase to the phase where my head is clearer and I can … Continue reading

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When’s It Going Up?

That’s a familiar refrain. “When’s that stock going to go up?” I hear it a lot, internally and externally. Within my portfolio, and the portfolio of many that I know, the poster child for that question is MVIS, Microvision; the … Continue reading

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Listen to Them

When times are good it is easy to listen to yourself. When things are going well for me, I contort my arms around to pat myself on my back. When things are going poorly, it is too easy to twist … Continue reading

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A Side of Hope

Prepare for dismal with a side of hope. Sad to say but, the newspaper’s still full of foreclosure notices, unemployment sits uncomfortably high, the markets are jittery and fickle, and governments are cutting back services while considering increasing taxes. When … Continue reading

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Familiar Routine

Emails, bills, and chores pile up during three weeks of vacation. I took myself out of my rut and carved a path across Scotland. It was my most relaxing vacation, so far. The trick is to maintain that feeling as … Continue reading

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Scotland – Chapter Five

Success! I’ve walked from corner-to-corner, coast-to-coast, across a country. It only took about three weeks, and it’s gratifying. I haven’t been in a car, bus, or plane since I started walking from Stranraer in the southeast. (Of course, I know … Continue reading

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Scotland – Chapter Four

Well, I’ve made it to Dundee. That bit of news has less to do with this blog than it has to do with assuring friends that I am fine. The blog is about my book, Dream. Invest. Live., and part … Continue reading

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